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49 SEO Statistics & Trends Every Business Owner Needs to Know

SEO Statistics

Does your business really need SEO?

Looking at SEO marketing trends and statistics can help you better understand how to advertise your business online.

For example, you could learn what marketing techniques are currently working and utilize them for your own business.

Additionally, you can evaluate your marketing channels critically and see which of them is most effective at converting prospects.

We have selected 49 fascinating SEO statistics to help you gain an edge over your competitors.

This will give you a comprehensive look at how the marketing landscape looks today.

As you read these SEO statistics, you’ll realize why search engine optimization is essential.

Part 1
General SEO Statistics

general SEO statistics

A one-second reduction in homepage load speed can result in an increase in sales.

In order to determine search rankings, Google analyzes over 200 ranking signals.

On page 1, Google displays an average of 8.5 organic mobile search results.

general SEO statistics

In 2021, Google accounted for somewhat more than 70% of all desktop search traffic, followed by Baidu at 13%, Bing at 12%, and Yahoo at 2%.

seo statistics

61% of marketers say that their top priority is focusing on SEO and expanding their online presence

seo statistics

Part 2
Keyword SEO Statistics

keyword seo

Approximately 8.3% of all search inquiries are expressed as questions.

seo statistics

Including a keyword in the Title Tag does not ensure ranking high on page 1.

keyword seo- icon

Keyword phrases of three or more words are used in 29.13% of keywords with 10,000 or more searches per month.

keyword seo - mouse
keyword seo - chip
content marketing icon

Marketers and businesses who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to gain a return on their investment.

Google’s top three ranking signals are high quality content, link profile, and search intent.

content marketing - blog icon

In 2020, 89% of marketers used blog posts as part of their content marketing strategy.

B2C marketers spend an average of 26% of their overall marketing budget on content marketing. The most successful content marketers devote 40% 

content marketing - icon

Content marketing is 62% less expensive than other forms of marketing and generates around three times as many leads.

Inbound marketing such as (SEO, content, etc.) is the go-to source of leads for 60% of marketers

content marketing - satt icon

Businesses that publish blog articles regularly receive 97% more backlinks.

Part 4
Local SEO Statistics

local seo - icon building

76% of consumers who search on their cellphones for something nearby visit a business within a day.

52% of businesses will prioritize targeting customer accounts based on their geographic location

local seo - icon search

Google searches for local information account for 46% of all searches.

local seo-icon pc

Businesses that are shown in the Local 3-Pack receive five times the number of views as those that do not.

local seo - icon shopping

According to a recent poll on local search engine optimization, 82% of consumers check online reviews of businesses when conducting a local search.

Google searches for the phrases “available near me” and “curbside pickup” increased by 80% in 2020.

local seo - icon desktop

40% of small and medium businesses outsource some or all of their local SEO work

Part 5
Mobile SEO Statistics

mobile seo statistics- phone icon

Around 70% of customers say they’d like to get customer care responses by SMS.

Mobile text messages are 35 times more likely to be opened than emails.

Google Chrome is the most used mobile internet browser as of January 2021.

mobile seo statistics- icon pc

In 2020, mobile will account for 55% of all global web traffic, while desktop will account for 42%.

mobile seo statistics- internet icon

Optimizing content for mobile is one of the most significant SEO techniques for 48% of businesses.

Mobile searches for "best" and "right now" have increased by over 125% in the last two years.

Nearly 73% of users will access the internet exclusively through their mobile devices by 2025.

Part 6
Video SEO Statistics

video seo statistics - video icon

Almost two-thirds of customers say internet video has given them ideas and inspiration for various purchases.

Video is 50 times more likely to rank organically than plain text results.

video seo statistics - camera icon

Video marketing generates a positive return on investment for 88% of marketers.

video seo statistics - icon blog

Presentations are the most favored form of video created by marketers at 65%, followed by advertising at 57%, and short explainers at 47%.

49% of marketers report a faster revenue increase as a result of using video in their digital marketing strategy

Over 90% of people throughout the world believe YouTube is where they learn about new items and businesses.

video seo statistics - icon

Video marketing is used by 86% of businesses, which is a 63% increase over the past three years.

Part 7
Voice SEO Statistics

voice seo statistics- icon voice

A voice search result page typically has a word count of 2,312 words.

By 2022, the voice market will be worth over $40 billion.”

voice seo statistics- icon www

Voice search is used by 48% of consumers for "general web searches."

Voice searches on mobile devices are more likely to be local than text searches

voice seo statistics- mic

By 2022, more than 50% of American households will have a smart speaker with voice search capability.

By 2027, the smart speaker market is expected to be worth more than $19 billion.

Featured snippets accounted for 40.7% of all Google voice search results.

Trending SEO Updates

Voice Search

Voice search technology has become considerably more sophisticated in just a few years.

The idea behind Voice Search is that you use your voice to search the internet.

You can ask your voice search assistant nearly any question, and it will then do the research for you and provide the answer you need.

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

  • Produce Content Using Natural Language and long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize For Mobile & Local Search.
  • Improve Your Website Speed.

  • Create Pages That Answer FAQs

Core Web Vitals

Google developed a set of metrics to help determine the quality of the user experience. Currently, they are focused on loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

Largest contentful paint, First input delay, Cumulative layout shift

If you want to learn more about core web vitals, check out this article on the importance of core web vitals.

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